Time flies when your having fun!

I have been very poor at posting as you can tell. But in my defense I have been spending my time on my Good Girl!  Which I might add is the best GG in the world!  That being said, all I can add at this time is that.  Anyone wanting to be in a D/S relationship must understand it’s all about the Sub. Without her/him completely giving their self to you, you wouldn’t be a Dom. Best advice I can give is to be thankful for the gift that has been bestowed upon you. Not only cherish it, but help it grow. It will in the end make you and your Sub happier and more fulfilled!
More to come on our day to day happenings.   Remember,  commutation is the key to a wonderful,  fulfilling D/S relationship!  Good night all you kinky fucks!😈

Joys and rewards of a D/S relationship

I have been a little lazy on posting, but things are going wonderfully!  The biggest change in our relationship has been the new openness we have with each other. Of course all the new fuckery is wonderful as well. But the key to the D/S relationship is talking,  and communication! It has opened so many
new doors for us that it has been overwhelming at times, but great none
the less.

More to come!

Thoughts and experiences of be a Dom.

While new to this lifestyle,  less than a year now. I must say,  that I have experienced so much more with my sub that I ever thought possible. I enjoy taking care of “My Good Girl” in every way,  and she obviously enjoys pleasing me in return.
I’m also new to blogging so bare with me. I may ramble from time to time but my intentions are good.

I must add that I love word press and have found a lot of useful and great information here. So thank you all for sharing your advance.