Redemption, part 2

The day past slowly.  Even though I knew that punishment was coming before you mentioned it in your text to me, I desperately wanted you home with me.  Even the prospect of the actual punishment di…

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The Puzzle of Sadomasochism

My Good Girl sent this to me today. I believe it explains
Our D/s relationship very well. I love it when she finds
articles that we both can relate to.
Thank you My Good Girl, you are truly the best GG a MASTER could ever desire 😍😘

Time flies when your having fun!

I have been very poor at posting as you can tell. But in my defense I have been spending my time on my Good Girl!  Which I might add is the best GG in the world!  That being said, all I can add at this time is that.  Anyone wanting to be in a D/S relationship must understand it’s all about the Sub. Without her/him completely giving their self to you, you wouldn’t be a Dom. Best advice I can give is to be thankful for the gift that has been bestowed upon you. Not only cherish it, but help it grow. It will in the end make you and your Sub happier and more fulfilled!
More to come on our day to day happenings.   Remember,  commutation is the key to a wonderful,  fulfilling D/S relationship!  Good night all you kinky fucks!😈