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i am an eternal slave - - eien no surebu

Prelogue: i plan to add to this as i see fit; sections for Master and slave needs adding.

A bad Dominant demands obedience, a good Dominant requests it, a great Dominant inspires it.

Dominants earn the respect of those around them and do not need to make demands for it nor demean others to promote themselves. They are often much harder on themselves for their own failings and imperfections than anyone else and are often deeply caring and thoughtful people.

Dominants understand that it does not come as a license to be an asshole and know the difference between being dominant vs domineering.

“Submissive” does not mean: “personality impaired doormat” and those who insist on portraying it as such are doing a great disservice to the BDSM community.

When someone says they are a submissive, that does not mean they are automatically going to be submissive to you.

Submission is…

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Time flies when your having fun!

I have been very poor at posting as you can tell. But in my defense I have been spending my time on my Good Girl!  Which I might add is the best GG in the world!  That being said, all I can add at this time is that.  Anyone wanting to be in a D/S relationship must understand it’s all about the Sub. Without her/him completely giving their self to you, you wouldn’t be a Dom. Best advice I can give is to be thankful for the gift that has been bestowed upon you. Not only cherish it, but help it grow. It will in the end make you and your Sub happier and more fulfilled!
More to come on our day to day happenings.   Remember,  commutation is the key to a wonderful,  fulfilling D/S relationship!  Good night all you kinky fucks!😈